What does Yoni mean?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina.


What is a Yoni Bar?

Our Yoni bars are formulated to assist with supporting your overall vaginal health such as cleansing your yoni, balancing PH, eliminating odor, and maintaining a healthy menstrual cycle.



Can all of your bars be used for full body use?

Yes, all of our bars can be used for your entire body.


Can I used the Yoni Bar inside of my vagina?

Although we only use natural products, please consult with your healthcare provider before using the Yoni Bar. All SG Beauty Bar products should only be used externally and NOT inside of the vagina.


Why are the bars in different colors each time?

All SG Beauty Bars are 100% handcrafted! We enjoy being creative with colors and designs. However, this does not affect the ingredients, nor the potency of our signature bars.

Do you create custom loafs or bars?

Yes, we are able to do a custom order for you. Please contact us via email at sgbeautybarllc@gmail.com for information on pricing for your custom order.


Do you have wholesale options available?

Yes! Wholesale options are available for purchase of two (2) or more loafs and will receive a wholesale discount. For wholesale purchased. please contact us via email at sgbeautybarllc@gmail.com.


I am not happy with my product(s). Do you process refunds or exchanges?

We are sorry that you are unhappy with your product(s)! Please contact us and let us know how we can be of better service to you with any issues or concerns that you may have with our products. However, we do not process refunds or accept any returns/exchanges under any circumstances.


Do you use Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) in your soap?

Of course! NO LYE = NO SOAP! All soap is made with lye. Any skin or cleansing product made without lye is not soap, it is a detergent. If soap is made properly, the lye is used up in the saponification process to turn oil into soap. There is no lye present in the finished bars of soap or shampoo. While all soap must be made with lye, no lye remains in our finished product.


I recently purchased a soap and my skin is breaking out.

If you are experiencing any type of breakout or skin reaction, please discontinue use immediately. Although our products are made with natural ingredients, it's still possible that you may be allergic to it or your skin is too sensitive to an ingredient.